Forsters Hair Brush - Wooden Rounded Pins - Large

Forsters Hair Brush - Wooden Rounded Pins - Large

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Forsters Wooden Hair Brush with a natural cushioned head and ball tipped pins is your new hair BFF in your daily hair care routine. This Natural Hair Brush promotes hair growth, stimulates the scalp while strengthening the hair for healthy, shiny luscious locks every day of the week.

Made from organic beech wood this plastic free,anti static hairbrush has a natural cushioned head to help detangle your hair.

The ball tipped wooden pins gently massage the scalp to help encourage natural hair growth.

With the ergonomically designed handle helps keep total control during styling and brushing. This brush is also suitable for use when blow drying and is suitable for all lenghts and types.

Vegan friendly, Plastic free, Sustainable, Natural Raw Materials and FSC certified

 Nb:The brushes are attached to the card sleeve with a small plastic tie- Unfortunately this is the only way they come packaged :( This company are fab and listen to my feedback so fingers crossed not for long :)