Delivery prices are based on weight and size. To keep the costing low for our customers we ask you add your items to your cart and it will magically work out your price!

Of course this is not entirely true!! Each item has a weight and a size and your total order will use these to calculate your price :)

For a guide smaller items - Up to 2 Toothbrushes/ Straws/ Reusable rounds and smaller items - £1.00

For slightly larger small items £2.00

For Small to Medium parcels - £3.00

For Large parcels or Heavy parcels - £4.95

If you are Local to the TA1 area or can collect  - Free

(Just message us and we will arrange collection/delivery for your completely free)


For all international orders please just email/ message us with your order and the most cost effective price will be found for each individual order. Again, delivery costs are size and weight are dependant and we believe that ‘one price shouldn’t fit all!’ 

All parcels will have minimal packaging, filled with either tissue made from recycled paper/ recycled paper packaging or eco nuts and packaged in a reusable, fully recyclable/biodegradable cardboard box. A lot of our internal packing will be reused from our suppliers. We don't like waste from our products so we wont pass any on to you!

Happy Shopping x