Carleen Anderson Sunglasses - Bambooka
Carleen Anderson Sunglasses - Bambooka
Carleen Anderson Sunglasses - Bambooka

Carleen Anderson Sunglasses - Bambooka

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Bamboo sunglasses in the stylish Carleen Anderson design.

Bambooka glasses are made from a species of giant bamboo. Bamboo is not only strong and sustainable it grows so fast - Up to a metre a day- and its carbon dioxide absorption far out performs wood, plus we do not have to worry about depleting our rain forest or adding to the plastic pollution.

These stylish glasses not only look amazing, are ethically made and are kind to the environment, these glasses actually do good too! The designers Bambooka, are a non-profit organisation that works with the charity Vision Aid Overseas. The international charity are fighting to end poverty to transform access to eye care. For every pair sold it pays for an eye test and vision correction for those in need in five African countries.

Look stylish whilst helping others!

A stylish design named after the talented artist by the same name. Not only is Carleen a wonderful musician, she is also a beautiful person, who enthusiastically supports Bambooka and Pepe in their efforts to support people in Africa. A funky pair of sunglasses for people who want to be noticed! 

  • Every pair handmade by real people- no machines
  • Fully UV blocking
  • Fitted with Polarised lenses
  • Semi Rimmed Design

At the end of life simply pop the lenses out and straight in to your compost to biodegrade!

As every pair are hand crafted, they may come with minor irregularities and imperfections -We find these add to their charm and no two pairs of Bambooka are never 100% the same!

Bambookas, essentially, are ‘flawsome’!