Chocolate Face Mask and Scrub

Chocolate Face Mask and Scrub

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An amazing two in one product.

Treat the skin your in ....whilst also getting your chocolate fix!

Made with real Cacao powder and natural clays. It’s high in beneficial antioxidants and in minerals with drawing effects. Just what you need in any facial products :)

This dry powder comes in a reusable jar to keep the product in its best condition. Only a teaspoon at a time is needed! 

Simply add a teaspoon of powder to any oil and to create your own gentle exfoliating scrub. Add a teaspoon of the powder to water and create your own fabulous face mask! 

Green Wyse products are all carefully crafted, locally in Torquay in the Uk, by Dawn a qualified medical herbalist. All products are made using beneficial herb extracts and natural ingredients. Dawn even uses solar electricity (weather dependant!) to create all her products.

Approx 10 portions in each jar